Now the dust has settled on the standardised WLTP testing process, the WLTP CHALLENGE 2019 is a 1-day economy driving event, providing a fantastic opportunity for the UK’s vehicle manufacturers to prove the real-world fuel efficiency of their vehicles, whether powered by petrol, diesel, hydrogen or electric.

10 October 2019.
1-day. 250-mile route.
The Midlands.

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Confirmed entrants

Take a peek at some of the cars entered into this year's Challenge.

WLTP in action


The route aims to mimic a typical day driving on company business, visiting clients in different locations


With a range of vehicles taking part in the Challenge, the results will show a broad cross-section of the industry


Vehicles in the WLTP Challenge will be fitted with telematics tracking to monitor progress and measure results


IAM RoadSmart champions safe and efficient driving, and shows how drivers can save money by driving carefully


Listen to our interviews with experts from ALD Automotive, Airmax Remote, RAC and IAM RoadSmart

  • Why?

Like the established MPG Marathon, the WLTP CHALLENGE 2019 promises maximum exposure and serves to underline to UK fleet and retail buyers that WLTP figures are representative of real-world driving, on real roads, with real drivers.

  • Relevant

Let’s face it, the automotive industry has had a hard time convincing buyers that official economy figures are accurate and indicative of real-world driving. The WLTP testing procedures set out to change that, but being based on global results, how relevant are they in the UK?

  • Challenge

The WLTP CHALLENGE 2019 is about convincing buyers that official figures are relevant once again and that they can make an informed buying decision. The Challenge is designed to test vehicles across a variety of UK roads to simulate everyday fleet operations.