October 8, 2019

Chevin to showcase end-to-end fleet management solutions at WLTP Challenge

Chevin Fleet Solutions, the leading global provider of fleet management software, is to take part in this month’s Fleet World WLTP Challenge. The multi award-winning software provider will participate both as an event partner and as an eco-driving competitor, highlighting how its products and services can help fleets to optimise their operations.

The spiritual successor to the long-standing and hugely successful MPG Marathon, the WLTP Challenge is a one-day economy driving event taking place on 10 October to show how the new quoted WLTP figures are representative of real-world driving.

A range of vehicles will be put to the test over some 250 miles of everyday routes around the Midlands, to show what they are capable of in real-world driving, on real UK roads.

Chevin Fleet Solutions – one of the event partners alongside ALD Automotive, Airmax Remote, IAM RoadSmart, Vehicle Livery Solutions and RAC – will play a key role, providing an automated driver licence checking service for all entrants. It will also provide insight into how its comprehensive range of products can ensure that drivers are legally licensed to operate company or grey fleet vehicles.

Chevin will also have a team entered in the event, not only to gain a deeper understanding of the latest powertrain technologies for fleets – thanks to the wide range of fuel types being tested at the event – but also further its knowledge regarding real-life emissions statistics and the challenges that drivers face in today’s environmentally focused society.

Global marketing director, Will Wycks explains: “Our solutions benefit not only those who are employed to drive – for example work truck drivers or logistics professionals – but also those who drive as a means on mobility, to get from a-to-b for work-related tasks.

“In this day and age there is a lot of pressure on drivers surrounding data, often in the form of compulsory telematics devices to monitor driver behaviour. Our automated driver licence checking solution takes the pressure off in this regard, making life simpler when it comes to authorising the right person to driver the right vehicle.

“We decided to participate in the WLTP Challenge to better understand the challenges that drivers face, enabling us to inform our customers accordingly.”

Chevin’s role in the 2019 WLTP Challenge will also highlight the company’s ability to collect comprehensive fleet-related data – including on WLTP fuel consumption and emissions figures – through its enterprise FleetWave software.

This level of insight and intelligence helps fleets to streamline processes, tackle inefficiencies, improve performance, ensure compliance, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Wycks continues: “Using our software solution, fleet professionals are able to consolidate data produced by multiple sources to provide clear insight and direction for the challenges that are presented by WLTP.

“Using FleetWave, it’s possible to interface any data sets that are deemed necessary and relevant by the client.”

Today, Chevin FleetWave software is used by businesses across the globe – of all shapes and sizes – to manage more than 1.1 million vehicles and associated assets.

Wycks adds: “We view ourselves as an end-to-end provider of fleet management; anything that’s got data, we can provide insight into it. We want to make sure that when a fleet manager uses our system, they get complete visibility of everything they need.”

October 8, 2019 News

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