October 4, 2019

2019 WLTP Challenge to underscore essential driver behaviour insights from telematics

The role of telematics to provide in-depth insight into driver behaviour while also delivering route optimisation is to come under focus at this year’s Fleet World WLTP Challenge.

Starting and finishing in Bristol on Thursday, 10 October, the one-day economy driving event will see a range of the latest fleet cars – including petrol, diesel, hydrogen, hybrid and electric – put to the test on everyday roads around the Midlands to show that the new quoted WLTP figures are representative of real-world driving and that, in many cases, vehicles will exceed these figures.

Airmax Remote – one of a number of partners along with ALD Automotive, Chevin Fleet Solutions, IAM RoadSmart, Vehicle Livery Solutions and RAC – will play a key role thanks to its telematics platform.

The firm’s expertise will assist the WLTP Challenge by quantifying the effects which driver behaviour can have on fleet costs. By monitoring and reporting events such as idle time, acceleration levels, over revving and braking, Airmax can give the fleet operator the data to influence behaviour and offer instantaneous feedback to drivers to optimise driving styles. In the case of the WLTP Challenge, this will show the techniques employed by drivers and their effects on vehicle economy.

But the technology also has another crucial role; providing location information that determines the most efficient routes of travel, as shown by a live feed of drivers’ locations.

The core tenet of the WLTP Challenge is that route optimisation is one of the integral parts of smarter driving and, by providing drivers with insight into the best roads for their destination, Airmax will show how its technology can deliver the insight and information a fleet operator needs to make strategic and/or daily decisions with confidence, potentially transforming their fleet operation and delivering significant cost savings, including through overall mileage reduction.

October 4, 2019 News

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